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As you develop and refine products and services, you need a research partner who can help determine customer needs, prioritize features, optimize SKUs and price points, and address questions spurred by new initiatives.  Answers Research works side by side with our clients to tackle just such development and marketing challenges.

We have created a company that is collaborative and responsive, passionate about research, and focused on impacting business decisions.  To this end, we have developed a philosophy built on two pillars: senior people who inspire trust and passionate people who deliver excellence.

Single, senior point of contact.  Great work is built on relationships and relationships are built on trust.  To help establish trust, we provide a single, experienced researcher on every study.  This responsive senior manager will lead an analytical and data sciences team who apply deep market research experience and a rich understanding of your industry.

Professional passion. Our team is passionate about the practice and science of market research.  Each team is deeply engaged with your business and research objective. You will see this engagement in creative research designs and thoughtful approaches to your research challenges.

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Quantitative Research

  • Projectable results: Quantitative research is a scientific, statistics-based methodology designed to yield data that is projectable to a larger population.
  • Quantifiable data: Because it is so deeply rooted in numbers and statistics, quantitative research has the ability to effectively translate data into easily quantifiable charts and graphs.
  • Cutting-edge design: Quantitative research continues to improve by employing innovative, highly advanced experimental designs.

Types of Studies

  • Awareness & Perceptions
  • Concept Value
  • Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty
  • Habits & Practices (Customer Needs)
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Naming
  • Pricing & Bundling
  • Segmentation

Advanced Design & Analytics

  • Conjoint
  • Advanced Choice Modeling (ACBC)
  • Custom Choice Modeling (Menu Based)
  • Anchored/Standard Max-Diff
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Segmentation
  • T.U.R.F
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Why n=400?

Learn more about why the right sample size is important to you

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Qualitative Research

  • Small samples, sharp focus: Qualitative research is laser-focused, dealing only with smaller samples.
  • Probing interviews: Expert moderators, unencumbered by the time constraints of a quantitative survey, use a multitude of techniques during lengthy interviews to obtain in-depth information.
  • Rich responses: The interviews, which last as long as two hours, allow the moderator to elicit extremely candid, highly complex responses.

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